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TURNED ON is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Tokyo, Japan. We excel at connecting Entertainment and Lifestyle brands to hip young target audiences who crave diverse forms of entertainment, fashion, and culture. With ten years of experience working with exclusive partners, TURNED ON is fully equipped to produce, design and market your unique brand to the Japanese consumer.

Graphic Design

Turned On creates modern and original designs for your brand for use in printed marketing, digital marketing, social media and more.

Social Media Marketing

Turned On will develop your brand’s digital strategy and activate/manage your Social Media portals.This includes designing creative content and connecting with local influencers.

Event Production

With over 100 successfully produced events under TURNED ON’s belt, we are fully equipped to deliver everything from PR events to large-scale music shows.

Total Branding and Marketing

Let Turned On develop your establishment’s brand with unique logo designs and marketing strategies to help your business reach maximum impact.

Foreign and Japan Targetted Marketing

Work with us in creating a digital marketing and graphic design campaign targeting either foreign or Japanese audiences.

International Artist Booking

We have been one of Tokyo’s go-to agents for Booking the world class electronic acts a variety of venues. Booking services also include Artist Visa Preparation and Artist Care.